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Face Time is a video chat application. Face Time could be used across a range of platforms. However, in reality, Face Time can be used only through apple products. Steve Jobs, CEO of apple, introduced Face Time. This video calling application is the best video calling app. This app also includes free messaging, file transfer, push notifications and audio/video calls. But Face Time for android is still not available. Android users can install other applications that work similar to Face Time. High quality resolution is offered by Face Time calls. This feature still serves as an alternative to Skype or Facebook Messenger.

For Face Time video calling, data charges may apply while using app over wireless network. Phone number or the email address of the person you are trying to call are required in order to use Face Time. Launching Face Time is not hard. Software is included with OS X Snow Leopard and later versions of OS. The process of activating Face Time is to just launch the software and to enter an Apple ID, password. Then after, just click create new account button. There are several ways to make a Face Time call. For iPad, iPod or Mac, person must be added as a contact before placing a call. Apple Support Center must be checked out on how to enable and use Face Time app. Previously, it supported 3G on iPhone, iPod, and iPad, but now it supports 4G calls on all networks.

For using Face Time on iPhone, users need to press Face Time button to activate. With the release of ios6, face time does not require a Wi-Fi connection. Approximately, for one minute of conversation, three megabytes of data is required. Face Time is now available for Windows users also. facetime for pc can be downloaded now. It is currently available for Windows 7, 8, 8.1 and 10 users. To download Face Time for PC, just download the link and to install, click open or run. Then follow the instructions and later, save it.


Face Time scored 5 out of 7 points on the secure messaging score card. Some of the points are lost because users can’t verify contacts identities. Other alternative to Face Time is Hangouts. It is a Google’s service for which, Google ID is required. It may not work on each and every Android phone. Hangouts can also be installed on desktop including, Mac desktop. It supports conversations on multiple persons up to ten people. Voice calls can be made with free of cost to other hangouts. But, the only drawback of Hangouts is, occurring of bugs during calls. Next alternative is Viber, which is a text and audio messaging app. It has a best design. It can also be installed on desktop, but the focus is not clear. The major drawback of this app is, communication cannot be done with users outside the service provided by it. Messages cannot be sent to users who does not have Viber.

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