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Every website owner knows the word SEO means search engine optimization.It is very important word for blogs and sites. Seo is search engine optimization means how to optimize your post to search engine which gives us tons of traffic for good contents.Google is the best search engine ever a good webmaster has must updates with them to perform best SEO practices.But some practices don’t change which is the root of seo.If am going to tell those practices to perform every blogger or site owners.


Make Comments on Other People’s Blogs. Make sure you comment on other blogs, which will work as your own blog’s promotion on their blog. And make sure to use the same name and URL when you comment on the comment forms of various blogs. This is your SEO optimization on other blog sites. If you can leave a good amount of relevant information in the comment section of other relevant blogs, you will get attention of the readers.


Be a frequent poster

Toronto seo Agency states that being frequent on posting contents will attract the search engine’s attraction to your blog site. And if you write every post in the SEO optimized style then it will also increase the potential of every single post in your blog.

Online Forum Participation

Join the forums that are relevant to the contents in your web site. Become active, don’t just sign up and leave forever from that website. When you leave comments, include your blog name and link in your signature.

Link other Blogs in your Own Post

You should refer to other blogs in your posts. Mention what you like in their blogs. Also, put a link of your blog in theirs. The other bloggers will see your blog in their blogs in this way, that’s a good marketing for your blog.

Meta Tags

These days google don’t rely on Meta tag description but many search engine like Bing,yahoo,and many more today considers on Meta tags. So a well written Meta tag has significant results on the number of clicks. But do not spend much time on it.

Search Engine today focused on good site links means backlinks. Backlinks is the backbone of SEO,it is very important to gain higher rank in search engine. The site gets a good rank if it has links to popular sites. The links should be the do follow means blog must follow you back. The best way to get backlinks is go to Google and search for do follow blog list and comment them to grab backlinks fast.


Content is king

Content is the king. If your blog has good contents then u must get higher rank in Google. Your content should be unique and new to get best in seo. If you have average quality content and cover more or less the same information what dozens of other sites do, you will not attract many links which in turn drops down your rank. So, keep write good and unique contents.

Avoid Plagiarism

Making post with duplicate content can work as negative point on SEO. Ranking of the sites fall significantly which contains copy work.


Every site has good page loading speed to don’t irritate blog readers. Make sure the site is friendly to search engine spiders. Flash files, Java and other non-text content are virtually invisible to search engine’s crawlers.

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