A Game Of Joy – Soccer

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“All work and no play makes jack a dull boy”, is a very popular saying which clearly signifies  the value of sports and games in our life .  Sports are an integral part of one’s life .  It is  importance  has become all the more visible in this such a technologically advanced world . They teach us the value of time; the importance of one minute, one second and even fraction of a second.“Every minute counts”, seems to be absolutely justified in the field of sports. Especially, when it comes to games like, soccer  and hockey, the concept of time becomes all the more important. The proper training that sports people get is useful for all their future endeavors.The spirit of healthy competition is instilled within us via these sports.

They encourage us to shine despite all the failures.In western countries, sports have become an important part of children’s curriculum. Continuously studying and focusing your struggling mind  involves a lot of mental strain and stress. The mind then needs some source of mental relief. This is provided by games and sports.


They refresh your mind and soul and provide you the positive energy required to do a huge pile of work. Outdoor games provide us with fresh air , which definitely contains more oxygen as compared to the air enclosed in the closed room. They develop your overall personality and even makes your immunity stronger. It also develops your overall strength, thereby making your body stronger and healthy. Apart from developing physical strength, it develops  your mental health as well. If u want to acquire leadership qualities, then sports are meant for you. They teach you how to take the team together long with you.

Our world has become a lot competitive and to be able walk beside everyone, we need to have perseverance.  These sports also teach us to be smart enough as to take decision at the moment.They make us capable of taking decisions. At times, our decision might be wrong, but this is what sports and life is all about – failing and then rising again. They provide the fun – factor as well.  They help us to concentrate better on our studies aswell . They also provide us the necessary  stamina which is required  for our daily routine activities . People who play outdoor sports tend to get less tired as compared to the ones who are not into this field.


Soccer or “ THE BEAUTIFUL GAME “ , has become the  world’s most beautiful game. Being originated more than two thousand years ( 2 ,000 )ago in the countries of China, Greece and some parts of Central America , it has now invaded every region of the world.

Now  many of us might get confused between Soccer and Football. Basically ,  football comprises within it – Association football , Rugby , Australian football . ASSOCIATION FOOTBALL is what is officially called as SOCCER.  Both the games are similar in rules and the format of playing .The difference lies in the fact that in football , players are allowed to kick the ball with their foot , chest and head as well . However , in soccer ,using your head to kick the ball is not allowed . Usage of arms and hands is prohibited in both . Soccer is not just a game but has evolved  more than just a game. Soccer players have become style icons. Berita bola is covered in televisions all over the world.

All in all , soccer is ruling everyone’s hearts, be it kids, youth or adults. Everyone is a hard core of “ The beautiful game “.

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