Food Wars! – Shokugeki No Soma!

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Every hardcore comic book reader is a lover of the classic manga comics. Being the brainchild of the Japanese, manga is a masterpiece that went on to win hearts worldwide with its appealing script and impeccable and breathtaking illustrations. After the initial release, innumerable stories were released after these comics received fame and appreciation from across the globe. Among these stories was one by the name of Food Wars! – Shokugeki No Soma which garnered quite an astounding response from its readers.


The writer of these series allows the reader to take a plunge into the world of a young, ambitious boy by the name Soma Yukihira, who envisions himself as a professional chef who will surpass the talents of his father Joichiroand successfully run the neighborhood restaurant. But, as fate would have it, his dreams are crushed when his father is compelled to shut down the restaurant and travel the world as a part of his new job. However, not all is lost yet, because the keen eye of Joichiro spots the extraordinary passion nursed by his son towards the field of culinary arts and he strikes up a challenge to help Soma pursue these dreams. The story then chronicles the life of Soma in an elite school of culinary arts where only the very best manage to graduate. Soma encounters a fleet of extraordinary students who are also pursuing the same dream and this helps him ascend towards his goal, by absorbing knowledge from like-minded individuals.

It is no wonder that a story as rich as this went on to climb the ladders of popularity within no time. The manga series began in 2012 and as of 2016, there are as many as 18 volumes to this series. In fact, the story touched so many hearts that Viz Media went on to obtain a license to publish this story in North America as well. The hungry audience also yearned for an anime adaption and this demand was also fulfilled in 2014.


Not every story goes on to achieve the success that Shokugeki  No Soma did. This series stood out because of the simplicity of the theme, which helped every reader relate to the young boy. Each one of us has dreams and stories like Soma’s give us the zeal in life to pursue them against all odds. After all, true dreams are not those that you see when you sleep; they are the ones that do not let you sleep!

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