Basics Of Horseback Riding

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Nobody can deny that, horse riding is a dangerous sport along with all the thrill and excitement it offers. But if it is done under proper supervision and guidance as shown on you will surely end up having a good, strong and long lasting bond and this sport will help you develop as a human being and understand the feeling’s of animals better than anybody else.

Identifying the horse :

Just like you don’t purchase a car before inquiring of all its features and qualities, a smart horse rider  also won’t try riding the horse before knowing about his or her horse completely.

Your horse is not just your vehicle or mode of transport, which some of you might think of, it may or may not go the path you take it to, if you take your relationship forward without spending much or any time with the horse it might not follow your orders in the field.


Some of the most basic and crucial part of horse riding is understanding the horse’s needs and mood, knowing his :

  • Style or technique of running
  • Amount of patience it has
  • Likes
  • Dislikes

BASICS OF Horse Riding :

[1.] Some horses that you may come across are quite cool & can cope up or adjust with the exertion on-field without having any special kind of training given to them. And some are instead rough and nasty in starting, waiting for rider to take them to the right path.

[2.] Also, some of the horses are calm in nature and they don’t quite mind even if you hold-off their ropes extra tight in order make them run much faster, though some may be a little aggressive and might try to get you off their back as soon as you pull the rope, so rather than presenting yourself in a ruthless manner, if you just try to make up a bond with the horse gradually take it in your confidence then see to what limits it goes for you!

The reason, why you are required to go through all of this stuff is that so you can connect with your horse and also this is quite important for you to command horse riding which we’re sure you want to.


[3.] Training your horse to follow your command is a very tough task if undertaken without having built a good and strong relationship with it. Hence, knowing the horse’s needs and understanding it’s nature will help you with it’s riding.

[4.] Some amateurs do think that it’s useless to go through something as normal as horse back riding training until you wanna to make a career in the sport. However, they generally are incorrect.

Even if your case involves horse riding occasionally and it’s instead a quick past time for you, then also taking some basic horseback riding lesson before you go out there in the field is a must.

Lessons will help you to get away from all sorts of ill practices and belief like the popular misconceptions of holding the horse tighter than normal will compel him to go faster.

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