Guided Meditation And Its Uses

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Meditation has become a very important part of our lives in our hectic schedule. Half an hour of meditation early in the morning before moving on to our daily chores is very good for our mind as it calms our mind and makes it more stable and peaceful, and we are ready for daily tasks. Meditation is the process of inducing your mind and body into a mode of consciousness so that we are aware of everything that is around us and we can truly be content. It helps in the practitioner to control his heart beat, pressure and also instills a sense of well being. Meditation also helps in digestion and other physical activities.


One of the popular methods of meditation which is being practiced since the Vedic ages by Hindu sages and Buddhist monks is called guided meditation where you are guided by a trainer or by audio into creating a world of imagination in yourself which helps you to calm down and makes you satisfied. The guided meditations  helps you visualize and feel various kinds of stuff. It makes you exercise your various sensory organs like the eyes, ears, tongue and you even feel pain and temperature changes. There a lot of similarities between hypnosis and guided meditation.  You can feel whatever you feel like to be content during guided meditation.


Guided meditation helps you deal with post traumatic stress and depression and is highly recommended by psychologists. You can even self help yourself to a guided meditation sessions by creating imagery all by yourself and you can even maintain a journal in which you can record your day to day sessions which will help you notice how much your imagination is changing, which in turn will help you understand yourself and self retrospect. Other than many courses and audios are available on the internet which will help you practice a perfect session of guided meditation.

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