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With the years passing, solving cases and controlling crimes are becoming pretty easy compare to the generations back. There is no doubt that the technology has risen to make crimes and even stop them. 1900’s was the start for the testing of lie detectors, and from then, this has been the best part of solving crime cases. One can get crucial information with lie detectors. The use of lie detectors has been named as polygraph test. This specific test argues to produce the result of truth or false, the person or the culprit has been tested for. This particular test will produce results by assessing the behavior of the person, like heart beat, pulse rate, blood pressure etc.

This lie detector can be used even at home to know about the cheating partner, if you have doubt or you have the witness that your life partner is cheating on you, then you can use this polygraph test to know about the truth. If he or she fails to pass the polygraph test, then there is a chance of breaking the relation and either way pass or fail can break the relation. This is why; the polygraph test is not to be used everywhere. And somehow, it cannot produce correct results at times, because when the person you are going to test know how to bluff this machine, then one can start acting and control their pulse rate, blood pressure etc. If they do so, you cannot find the criminal.


Some of the highly talented criminals get out of the crime with these skills, they know how to deal with this machine and how to handle their answers for particular questions they are asked. This lie detector test is mostly used all over the world, but now we discuss about the London dairies. How cops use this lie detector test?

Lie detector test London UK best polygraph test company which helps to solve more criminal cases, commercial cases and so on. They helped many people to solve their personal issues as well; their trained and well experienced examiners will help the people to solve their problems.

But these days one can test this polygraph through online.


Customers can use this test online, and see the results which they get directly by themselves. Your computer is testing you here in the online test, computer detects whether you are lying or not. This service is available for different types of platforms in the windows base; you can download it to your personal computer to see results for yourself. Couples can also take this test to know about them, because some people are not comfortable with the private investigators. These private investigators come to your home and test you and your partner, see the results that will be awkward for few people. So online test is what you can believe in and that is what you can be so private about the results and that can be hidden in between you and your partner.

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