Mandai’s Public Columbarium

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First of all, what’s a columbarium? What difference does it have with burials and urns? A columbarium is basically when you put a bunch of urns or cremated remains in small box like containments. Unlike a burial site, it’s built like a wall with squares holding the name of the owner of the remains found inside.

Nowadays, cremation is a booming industry in itself, that’s why demands for columbaria have noticeably increased. Choosing the right columbarium is a crucial decision where you need to invest proper time and thought into. There are tons of available columbaria now, you’re sure to have an array of choices. It’s up to you to decide which is more practical, convenient, budget-friendly and easy to reach.

Government Managed Columbaria

In Singapore, there are two establishments that offer niches up until now; Choa Chu Kang Columbarium and Mandai Columbarium. In these two columbaria provide standard niches for fee; this is the case for every grave that’s claimed and exhausted under their own programs. Aside from the two mentioned, you can also visit Yishun Columbarium.


  • Choa Chu Kang Columbarium – located at 51 Choa Chu Kang Road, Chinese Cemetery Path 4. This particular columbarium contains over 147,000 niches allocated within 18 four-storey blocks. Not only is this place quiet and beautiful, they also provide services for the elderly and handicapped. The said niches received their names from flowers and the entire compound has a park feel to it instead of a depressing cemetery.
  • Mandai Columbarium – is established at 300 Mandai Road Singapore and their area is a little more secluded when compared with the others. Madai Columbarium houses more than 133,000 niches distributed over 8 three-storey blocks.Ghandi Quote
  • Yishun Columbarium – can be found on Yishun Ring Road, quite close from the Yishun MRT station, like only a 10-minute walk. Fairly small when compared with the first two; as of now they only house 16,000 niches.

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