All You Wanted To Know About Pokèmon Go

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One game that is making everyone crazy, that everyone is raving about is the new Pokèmon go. If I tell you that two people fell off a cliff while playing the game, Or that an average American is spending around 45 minutes every day playing it or better yet, Facebook is earning approximately 16 lac per day with it, you will know we are having serious talks here. Welcome to a complete Pokemon go guide!

  • The first little character that you need to choose at the beginning of the game is a Pokèmon trainer that needs to gain points with the advancement of the game to increase its levels.
  • Catching a Pokèmon-

You can choose either of the three pokèmons- Bulbasaur, Charmander or squirtle. If you ignore these three for the first few times you get to capture a fourth one, a Pikachu.


  • Finding a Pokèmon-

You need to look for the pokèmons hiding nearby you. Clicking the menu button shows you upto 9 pokèmons hiding around you. On the menu, the one that is shown on the top left is supposed to be closest you and the one shown on the bottom right is really far.

  • To throw a Pokèball-

To catch a pokèmon, you need to throw a ball at them. You need to be very particular to hit at them straight. When you press a pokèball, you can see a ring around the pokèmon. A red ring means it is difficult to catch while the green ring means its easier to catch that one.


  • Pokèstops-

It is based on another popular game called Ingress. It uses a GPS. In this, the players have to move around and explore the nearby places and reach the real life landmarks, that are marked as Pokèstops in the app. They are marked with a floating blue cube in the map of the game. If you tap at them, you can get more information about the place. You can also collect items from the stop if you are close enough to it.

In this game, the more the better. When you catch a pokèmon, you receive stardust and candy which help give pokèmon more power and he is evolved.

An addictive game, the more you play, the more you get to know about their nuances. So go Catch them all!

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