Is Kinox Legal?

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Everything in this world has a price; if it is free then either it doesn’t exist or it is illegal. We stream movies, videos and music every day. In the back of our minds we know that we should have paid for them. Think about it, if you were to pay for every single file that you streamed and downloaded, how buried in debt would you be?


So is streaming against the law? When you download some or any part of content, then it’s considered an act against the law. Another is when the media file is show to a moderate crow crowd outside the family. Not counting these two cases, every other streaming is considered legal. But if you upload files and media, which you do now own, on the internet for others to use, then it is definitely illegal.

Quick overview, Kinox is the top streaming site in Germany and one of the most visited website in the whole of Europe. They provide links to videos, films and TV series for free. You don’t have to pay, create an account or share any personal information – just watch to your heart’s content.


Cases of Kinox

A few years back, German police raided the operation center of Kinox, the biggest streaming site in Germany. The German police got a hold of the former operator of Kinox. The said operator was sadly sentenced to a total of three years and four months inside prison just for the mere involvement with Kinox.

The raid of Kinox was just a small part of the massive investigation of German police concerning local piracy. Despite their massive efforts, Kinox remained strong, standing and is still currently an ongoing operation. As far as the former administrator’s is concerned, he must pay roughly about 20,420 Euros in addition to his prison sentence; the fine was for the profits he earned in Kinox.

Judgment of Two Different Countries


In Europe we have (CJEU), Courty of Justice of the European Union. CJEU considers looking at online content, whether copyrighted or otherwise, as perfectly legal in all aspects.


Let’s take “The Pirate Bay Litigation” as an example. This litigation occurred in Swedish court back in April 17, 2009; this litigation involved The Pirate Bay website, the Swedish Court and the four men who operated the said website, which was for sued for copyright infringement.

For those who are not familiar with The Pirate Bay, let have a short summary. The said website was established way back in 2003, it was established by a Sweden anti-copyright organization called Piratbyran. They don’t upload files directly on their website; they simply host the links for the files.

Though the administrators did not directly break the law, as we said they only hosted the links and not the media files themselves. Still they were sentenced as if they had completely broken the law. In the end, the ruling or the Swedish court prevailed: they imposed 30 million crown, around $3,600,000 with an additional one year in prison for all for defendants.

Bottom line

Watching and streaming files online can’t really be considered illegal. If you do want to watch on Kinox, then that’s just fine. A great thing the administrators do for the viewers is NOT save data, you basically leave zero traces on their website. You are not the only one who streams media on Kinox. Millions, and I mean literally millions, of people got there every day. You can also do additional research with regards to the website’s additional history and current traffic. Bottom line is, the choice is up to you.

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