Simple Review of the Tango Smart Double Stroller

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Tango once again has a new model for its long list of strollers. The Tango Smart double stroller is the latest model predecessor to the Tango Escape launched just months earlier. The latter is known for its maneuverability and the Tango Smart double stroller still got this feature and can even be better. You can easily turn left and right with this stroller despite having the babies’ weight inside it and even get through obstacles such as humps with ease.tango-smart Tango Smart Double Stroller’s Features

The best asset of the Tango Smart double stroller is that it never sacrificed the comfort of the kids in the stroller despite doubling its passenger capacity. The kids are locked inside the stroller through safety belts but they are still free to turn left and right and not seem too cramped up while being inside the stroller. The material used as cushion also has foams that will lessen the pressure of impact whenever the stroller passes through tough terrains and rough floor surfaces.tango-smart_large

The Tango Smart double stroller is lightweight which is why it is easy to maneuver with it even if you have two babies riding with it. Aside from its weight, it also very stylish and comes in different colors that you can choose from. The aesthetics aspect of products is never overlooked by Tango and it is quite clear that they also give efforts towards the style without losing its focus on the true purpose of the product and its functionality.

This stroller can be fully reclined and can be folded in order to fit on the car seat. The full-reclining ability makes the stroller more versatile so that it can easily be carried around or be loaded on the car trunk without consuming too much space. It also helps in terms of passing through narrow alleys and smaller doors.

The extras that come with the stroller such as the bells and whistles are nothing new that we haven’t seen from Tango yet. They are all standard and generic but they will already serve their purpose well. The bell can help entertain the child through the sounds it make while the whistle will serve as the stroller’s horn to announce to others passage.

The Verdict

The Tango Smart double stroller is user-friendly much like its simpler predecessor which is the Tango Escape. The looks of it may be complex but it is so easy to deploy, use and maneuver even with two kids riding on it. The features are also bolstered except for the extras wherein I think Tango could have done better. The style aspect is also a 9 or 10 for me since the stroller itself can be considered stylish even with just its basic structure when assembled for function.

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