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To display your stuff out there you need to have something really attractive and smart strategy to showcase your advertisements. The banner stands are the perfect things for getting your banners displayed as they are not prone to falling done provided they come with a heavy base. The shapes may differ and so does the base but these stands make sure that your flag stands tall even when you have placed them outdoors.

The real advertisement begins when you are displaying your banners outside the stall, and in that scenario it is best to have the vertical banner stands which can make your advertisement spree more forceful.

Which one to buy?

Retractable Stand

Buy the ones that can serve well different occasions. There are various situations in which you have to get your business advertised and depending upon the need you have to buy the right one. The varieties in which the stands are being offered are well-suited for different occasions and you have to bear in mind the suitability as well.

We shall talk about different types of the stands that you can have for the purpose so have a look on that:

  • Mini flag stands:

When you have decided to buy the mini flag stand then you have made the right decision for the occasion. It is easy to handle and needs to be kept with its base weighted and for that you can fill it with the sand or water so that it stands firmly on ground. Such stands have telescopic support made of plastic and are perfect for the banner that is made in the style of flag. There are several advantages of the stand as the banner can be made to pivot around the support that is made of plastic. The usage of these stands is perfect for both an indoor and outdoor use.


If you are willing to have the teardrop banner mounted then you have made a perfect choice for yourself. These can be used for the outdoor advertising and occasionally for the indoor advertising as well. The pole stand has got the lower portion built in aluminum and the upper part in fiber glass. The aluminum portion makes it a perfect choice when the location is windy and the banner gets tied up to the pole firmly without causing it to flow away. The extra stability feature is indeed the USP of this banner pole.

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