Don’t Miss Out A Bit On Your Favourite Filipino TV Shows No Matter Where You Are..

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Yes, you heard it right! You need not obsess over catching your favourite program when it’s aired, anymore. You need not drop all your important work hanging as soon as your dearest soap opera comes on, anymore. All the relevant people apparently heard about your woes and have come together to keep you as pumped up as ever about your special Pinoy TV shows.


Pinoy Tambayan has long been the source of some quality family entertainment for all the Filipinos in every nook and corner of the world. It brings to the viewer drama, action, love, romance, thrillers, news, documentaries, information and what not! And to make it even better, the soap operas it telecasts seem so realistic and relatable that every Filipino basically gets enchanted and addicted after watching just a single episode.

The shows it broadcasts are mostly Philippines based only and therefore even more desired by the OFWs (or Overseas Filipino Workers).  Pinoy offers the Filipino scatterings a way to get in touch with their homeland, its cultures, traditions, values and way of life. It helps the Filipino diaspora shake off that brutal homesickness while providing them some stellar television entertainment.

GMA Network, short for Global Media Arts, and TV 5 are the two most publicly praised and celebrated Philippines based commercial television networks with a few of their stations catering to the Overseas Philippines population. They broadcast all the most watched and liked Pinoy TV shows on their stations like GMA Pinoy TV, GMA Life TV, GMA News TV International and Kapatid TV 5.

24 oras

Tambayan, which is a Filipino word for ‘a place for hanging out’, is a website that allows all the busy Philippines based folk and OFWs a chance to watch their best-loved Pinoy TV shows whenever the mood strikes or whenever they are comfortable. It posts recordings and videos of the TV shows broadcasted on the GMA Network and TV 5 so that its viewers can watch their shows online as per their convenience.  Tambayan offers its watchers the following advantages:

  • The videos are free to watch.
  • One just gotta have a device and a good speed, stable internet connection.
  • The quality is excellent, grades better than what is offered on other websites like You Tube.
  • It is, in fact, popularly the best considered website to watch Pinoy shows.

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