Team Building Exercises

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An escape room is actually a kind of physical puzzle game. In this, the players are locked inside a room or a particular area. They need to use the hints that are hidden within the room to solve the puzzle given within a stipulated time. The various elements of the room hide the secret hints within them. The games are usually set up in different fictional locations that can add to the adventure like-

  • Prison cells
  • Dungeons
  • Space stations


There is a popular video game named ‘escape the room’. These games are actually the physical version of these games. First such room was created in 2006. Since then these rooms have become popular in countries like Japan, Taiwan, Canada, United States, Israel.

The real life escape game is usually played by up to 12 players at a time. They need to beat the clock and try and escape from the room within an hour or the stipulated fixed time. For this, they need to work together as a team to collect all the clues available in the room to solve the given puzzle. Some clues might be easy while others might be difficult. There is no special skill required to play the game. What you need to win the game is a good team spirit. If the players-

  • Communicate effectively
  • Divide their work
  • Cooperate with each other
  • Search the room well


They can easily unlock the door within the fixed time. This is the reason the game is popularly used by the corporate organizations as a team building exercise.

If the players are successful in solving the puzzle, they find their way out themselves. In case they cannot solve the puzzle, they are led out of the room once the time gets over.

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