Why I Cannot Get Pregnant?

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Women often keeps wondering of the ways of getting pregnant or keeps on stressing herself thinking perché non riesco a rimanere incinta? Such kind of thought hops in when a couple keeps struggling every month to have a baby but fails every time. Hence to save all the beautiful ladies from so much of stress we have brought forth some tips which can help increase their chances of getting pregnant and give them answers to all questions about increasing chances of pregnancy.

Good health

The first and foremost thing which can help a women get pregnant is stay in good health. In most of the couples, one of the big reasons restraining them from getting pregnant has been their poor health. Infections or sexually transmitted disease can reduce your chances of getting pregnant. Hence it is recommended to regularly visit doctor and have regular checkups done.


Have sex frequently

If you are looking up for ways of getting pregnant, then it is important that you have sex on regular basis.  It is good to have sex at least three times a week and it will increase your chances of getting pregnant. Also keep in mind, that having sex everyday may also not fulfil the purpose, as sperm needs some time to replenish as well.

Get pregnant with good sex

It is more often seen that couples while trying baby, misses out the fun in their sex. They do sex more like a job and does not share any passion or affection with each other. This can badly harm your chances of getting pregnant. Instead it is said that a good sex can help you good outcomes. It is even said that orgasm during sex can also brighten your chances of having a baby.

Be in the right position to get pregnant

One of the best ways to get pregnant is to know which position during sex is right. It is said that the right position to have a baby is the missionary position, as gravity helps sperm moves in the direction of egg. This also keeps the sperm inside the vagina for a longer period of time. so, if you are trying for a baby ensure to try sexual positions that use gravity to assist sperm flow down to the egg.


Use calendar method

Couples while trying for a baby often think how to get pregnant and in such a case the best thing you can opt for is calendar method. Herein, it is assumed that women has a regular 28 days cycle and they ovulate mid cycle. However it does not falls correct always and might not be accurate. To make this method more appropriate, one can use ovulation protection kits which proves a lot useful for couples to plan a baby.

Fertility charts for getting pregnant

Fertility charts are quite useful for tracking your cycle, however it has its own advantages too. There are chances that by the time you see the chart, you have already ovulated. Hence it is good that you keep seeing your charts to stay informed about when you ovulate every month.

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