Short Guide To Buying Replacement Windows

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Windows are an essential element to any household, probably one of the most taken for granted element as well. Nobody tend to acknowledge the importance of a window until it breaks down due to wear and tear, or maybe some sort of thievery takes place by breaking down a window. However the case may be, replacement windows are terms that mean a window unit for the current infrastructure someone already owns, and these windows are little different from a completely new set of windows. If you require a new replacement window for your household, you should keep on reading this article.

What is a ‘Replacement Window’?

Apparently, it’s a replacement window unit for the windows you already have installed in your household. There could be several reasons to change one window, or a whole set like corrosion and cosmetic damage due to long period of wear and tear and a replacement window would be a life saver in such cases. Brand new window sets would come with hinges, a window frame, nailing flange etc. for the mounting purpose, whereas replacement windows usually just come as a simple replacement unit – only the window.


Type of Replacement Windows you Could Get

Windows don’t come in only one type – there’s a whole variety of window types to mention about. They are also made of different materials – woods commonly, but there are also glass windows, particle board windows, metal windows, plastic windows etc. Typically, replacement windows come in the same types as the new window units usually do. Following are the common units to be found in shops –

  • Sliding Windows: Probably the sliding windows are the most common ones one could see in households and business places. Only one slide is all effort one needs to put to open or close this type of window, and they are typically glass windows. However, typically only one half of the side is open.
  • Casement Windows: These windows operate on cranks, open typically inwards or outwards. The full window opens at once, they offer scenic view of the outside and also allows more light and air to come inside. These windows typically open in horizontal direction.
  • Double-Hung Windows: Double-hung windows usually consist of an upper and a lower sash, respectively placed inside and outside of the window side. There are hinges or springs installed in the sashes for operation.


  • Picture Windows: Picture windows are wide in nature, almost like a huge cinema screen. Households with large openings with a great view in a side are ideal for picture windows. These are ideal for upgrades to old houses with impeccable views, but old-school closed-view windows.
  • Glass-Block Windows: These windows are typically sliding or casement windows with glass blocks for design and privacy purpose. The glass is typically thick, and blocks vision. Used for the indoor windows.
  • Skylights: Placed on roofs of households and allows abundance of light to come in. However, only applicable to top-floor apartments or houses.


Depending on the window material and design, replacement window units may cost from a little to a lot. However, if you are just replacing the window on an existing frame, the cost would be less. For replacement of entire units, the expense would be higher.

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