LiveLean’s Tasty Chicken Fillet and Incredible Discounts

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LiveLean offers some of the best service and quality available out there for an online provider of meat and other food products. The organization does their best with the most practical procedures in order to ensure that everything arrives fresh on your doorstep. Specifically, they use temperature controlled boxes as well as ice packs; all the perishable goods should be able to retain a -5 degree temperature for a maximum of 48 hours. In order to help you make up your mind, we’re here to provide a detailed review and exclusive discounts regarding LiveLean. But out of the hundreds of products offered by LiveLean, we’ll concentrate on their juicy chicken fillet. 1

Keep in mind that although every product they offer is fresh, their more exotic meats will likely arrive frozen on your doorstep. We highly recommend that you avoid freezing the exotic products and meat again if ever they arrived thawed. Just refrigerate the meat and don’t forget to consume it within a week. Of course all the fresh meat can be frozen, you can store the meat in your fridge and take note of the ‘use by’ date or you can place them in your freezer and the meat would last for about 6 months.

Premium Chicken Fillet

If you’re new to LiveLean and can’t decide on what you want to order first, then try their premium chicken fillets; this is their customer favorite as well as the biggest selling product that they offer. Every fillet weighs about 220g, these succulent and delicious chicken breasts provides an amazing 22g of protein for every 100g servings. In other words, you actually purchase products with higher quality at lower

The chicken fillets that they offer are sourced for selected farms; this way, they are sure of the quality that they receive. You purchase quality at a hundred percent; no water, chemicals or any other nasty factors in the mix. Every chicken product offered surely arrive fresh, these are packed in a way that eating them at the moment of arrival would be perfect. Of course you can save some of the portions for later in your freezer.

All meats are delivered through their trusted courier, everything is efficiently packed in temperature controlled boxes. When the package arrives, you’ll even notice that the box is specialized for the organizations; you can even reuse all the packages if your want to.

LiveLean Discounts offer amazing deals to help clients save money on their purchases at LiveLean. The said website offers the latest available discount codes, they also update them seven days a week in order to offer the best possible discounts. Keep in mind that these codes are absolutely free to use and anyone can make use of them. Some discounts include:

  • Access 10{d74f41b5402e74e1cdba7de8504ea9e96c817a02eba222c9725b6f264ee1a50d} off on all your orders
  • £5 off on all of your orders
  • Enjoy free delivery on orders over £75
  • Free recipe eBook that’s worth £9.99 after signing up

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