Things No One Tells You About Menopause

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When approaching menopause or during the menopause period, there are several changes in woman’s life that catch many unawares. Don’t be among the less informed; be informed through reading this article which full of information you need to know about the hormonal changes in a woman during menopause period. Symptoms like hot flashes and bone density loss are very common and should be at your fingertips as you approach that period in your life – menopause. Menopause Toronto gives information which helps equip women on all they need to know about menopause. bio-identical-logo-600pxl

Change in Heart Beat

During menopause, you might feel as if you are having palpitations which are normally referred to as perimenopause; it is important to go for a checkup with your doctor in order to know if they are linked to menopause or a sign of a health problem. The way to differentiate if they are normal or serious: if they last for more than a few minutes and even make you feel short of breath or cause you to faint, this could definitely be a sign of something serious.bioidentical-hormone-treatment-content

Cholesterol Rise

During menopause, estrogen goes down and this is the time when you realize how important it is to the body. Apart from regulating the normal periods, it keeps the bad cholesterol in check and the best ones high. If you lead a healthy life, you can prevent the fluctuation of the bad and good cholesterol during menopause. Make sure you have plenty of exercises, and you eat food which is friendly to your heart.  With that in place, your cholesterol will be placed in check.

Feeling Less Social

Menopause is funny; it is a period which you might fight crazy. If you were an extrovert, it might turn you into an introvert; wanting to spend more time alone. There is always a shift in emotions which could affect your social life. When this happens, don’t jump to the conclusion that you are depressed. Before menopause, women think of others first; their children, their parents, their spouse, Co-workers but during menopause, it is a time when the woman is seriously thinking about herself. It is time to take care of herself.

Whatever you experience during menopause, just know it is a stage in life which will be over with time. Get more information from Menopause Toronto so that you are fully updated.

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