How Is Creamation is done

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Creamation is the combustion to basic chemical compounds in the form of ashes and gas. The ashes are fragments that usually retain the appearance of the bones. In most cases, it usually serves a post-funeral or funeral rite. Some people always confuse Creamation to be an alternative to a funeral, but it is not, since it is an alternative to burial. Funeral services are normal in this case which can be followed by cremation. It is done at a crematorium in many countries. 002_hqdefault

How Is Creamation is done

Creamation is never done to a live body but a corpse. It is done to temperatures of about 1800 degrees Fahrenheit. This heat helps reduce the body into dried bone fragments and the basic body elements. This process is done in a chamber that is preheated, and then the body is quickly transferred to the chamber via a mechanized door to prevent heat loss.

After the body is exposed to the column flames fueled by natural gas it is dried with the same heat, burns the hair and the skin together with the bone. Finally, the body crumbles. You may not experience any smell since the emissions vaporize the gasses and destroy the smoke that would smoke.actionurnshort

The skeletal remain together with the bone fragments are collected into a tray and allowed to cool for a given time. Metallic components such as the pacemakers, jewelry, and wrist watches are usually removed during the process. It takes an average of three hours to create a whole body. The remains of the Creamation are generally presented to the relatives of the deceased in a plastic box or container.

Creamation is a process which can be done by anybody regardless of their religion or race. It is not limited to specific groups of people, but it will remain to be some people’s choice for it to be done.

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