Plagiarism Checker Online: Steps To Avoid Plagiarizing

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Plagiarism is a method of using someone else’s words or ideas without giving proper credit. Every time you paste or copy a phrase or sentence from any source into your research paper without proper citation, you are plagiarizing. Plagiarism is not limited to students. As a matter of fact, university professors and well-known writers have been caught stealing the ideas of others and claiming them as theirs. Finally, there is plagiarism checker online that will make things so easy for everybody.

Many schools nowadays use a plagiarism detector or plagiarism checker to check the work of their students. When writing research paper or an essay, it is a nice practice to read articles on the web that are relevant to your desired topic. In this way, you can get new ideas and at the same time you can expand your understanding of your chosen topic.

Effective Steps to Prevent Plagiarizing

  • If you are writing a research paper, the best place to gather new ideas is to visit a school library. You can ask your school librarian to help you find the best resources that are related to your topic. Online databases of academic content, special publications, periodicals and books are considered as good materials to use in your research paper.
  • There are two effective ways to use references in your writing. The first one is the direct quotes and the second one is rewriting or paraphrasing. In both cases, you are required to cite the original source. Make sure that you use the proper citing format.

  • When you are done writing your research paper, you should revise it and run your research paper through a plagiarism checker to make sure that all paraphrased source is properly referenced.

A plagiarism checker is a useful tool that you should use before you present your research paper for assessment. Academic institutions will surely check you submitted research paper using a plagiarism detector.

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