Picking Out Great Gymnastics Bar for Homes

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Gymnastics is a great sport to practice, not only does it make you physically fit but it does wonders for a person’s flexibility and endurance. Every sport out there has a sort of accessory or equipment which you need to invest in even at a beginner’s stage. For gymnastics, aside from loose and comfortable outfits, you have to purchase a gymnastics bar for homes; of course gymnastics itself has multiple divisions and some might night need the bar but we’re here to concentrate on the ones that do.

Gym 2 Dance Model DX Barney Gymnastics Bar

This particular gymnastics bar model is from the Gym 2 Dance serious, its offers amazing quality. Users can adjust it from 3 feet to about 5 feet and 5 inches. As for the width, it’s 4 feet wide so a 4 foot wide mat would fit just right. Featuring a 57 inch foot print, the Gym 2 Dance model is incredibly stable and a breeze to use. Additional features would include a double locking mechanism; the ultimate safety comes from a lock down knob as well as the spring loading knob.

Z-Athletic Gymnastics Kip Bar

The Z-Athletic gymnastics bars for home is a portable, free standing, heavy duty and expandable home gymnastics bar which can help you improve on your routine. This particular gymnastics bar was designed to accommodate level 1 all the way to level 4. The snap lock feature helps with the smooth adjustment of the height; users have a choice from 36 inches all the way to 59 inches. The fiberglass rail is typically 40mm in diameter; alongside the non-slip synthetic wood it offers the best equipment for a better performance. If you’re looking for a highly adjustable and durable gymnastics bar, then the Z-Athletic Gymnastics Kip Bar is the one for you.

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