3 Techniques That Impact Overall Wushu Development

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Wushu is a popular form of martial arts that constitutes of techniques that can help you develop your offence and defence side. It also has a curative effect on your overall being. It focuses on your health improvement and boosts intelligence. If you go to any Wushu Singapore training center, ask about these techniques and they will help you get a deeper insight into them:

#1. Ma bu – Gong bu – Chong Quan:

This is a popular technique that comprises of two main positions in Wushu – the Ma Bu and Gong Bu. It mainly focuses on the transition between these two positions, and in order to do this you need to be careful about your body alignment, and pay close attention to the hip movements.

The technique mainly focuses on how you can generate more power from the torso, hips, legs, ground, and all through the fist and arms. This technique also aids in two parts of the stance – passive stance for the muscle endurance and active stance for power generation and its execution. You will learn more from your Wushu Singapore trainer.

#2: Zheng Ti Tui

This is the second most important technique and it means front stretch kick. It helps in promoting easy leg flexibility. It is also helpful in maintaining a good body posture starting from the finger tips to the chest, back and shoulders. This technique helps in developing the core strength of the body, with extra focus on the lower abs. It teaches your body to relax so that you are able to develop speed and kick fast.

#3. Pu Bu Chuan Zhang

This is another famous technique that focuses on the coordination between the upper body and lower body. It is challenging for beginners. In this method, you don’t just have to develop coordination and balance between waist, arms and legs, but it also changes the rotational direction which throws several people off.

Visit any Wushu Singapore training center to learn more about these techniques and the other styles and forms of the martial art.

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