Are Birchbox Beauty Products Worth The Bucks?

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Subscribing to Birchbox and receiving a monthly beauty box for only $10 a month is surely a big relief when it comes to budgeting. With this, it is also worth knowing that women who are conscious on the appearance of their skin, hair, and body, would certainly, be thrilled on receiving beauty samples that are from

Cost and Quality

What makes Birchbox beauty products appealing is the concept of surprise that it delivers every month. Inside the boxes are randomly selected beauty samples. There are also sorted beauty samples that are inside Birchboxes. There is also a wide variety of beauty products like lip glosses, batch and body soaps, as well as other cosmetic makeups.

You can also choose to subscribe only for a couple of months or for an entire year.  Subscribing for a whole year would only let you spend around $110. You would also be entitled to receive one free beauty box. What makes it more affordable is the free shipment delivery. Certainly, you would be thinking that spending $10 for a month for a beauty product is wise enough for a woman who is still discovering beauty products that would suit for their body nature.

Spending $10 for a monthly distribution of beauty boxes containing beauty samples of good quality from top brands is really a wise thing to do. It not only lets you save time on looking for beauty products on different shops, but it also gives you the element of surprise as you receive monthly beauty boxes. If you like surprises, Birchbox is surely perfect for you.

Birchbox is for you if you are one of the people who are still discovering beauty samples for your beauty regimens. However, if you have a sensitive skin, it would be wise for you to buy on beauty products that you have already tested to avoid allergies and to refrain from wasting money.

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