How To Find What WordPress Theme Does Any Blog Uses

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How many times have you came across a beautiful blog and wondered what WordPress theme does this blog might be using and scroll down to the footer of the blog page and got disappointed to see there is no mentioning about the theme? Wow that’s a long phrase I just written. Keeping things short how can you find out the WordPress theme any blog uses? I do not know has anybody used this method before so here is how you can do that.

View Page Info

Right click on any empty space on the blog and click view info.

Look In To The Media Option

Well you can very well keep staring at the general option, I do not really mind you doing that, but to know the theme name you have to look in to the media option.

So usually wordpress themes are stored at wp-content/themes/themename

But whatever now you can know whatever theme a blog uses. So let’s proceed with the next and final step.

Want To Use The Theme In Yours?

I know it’s natural to feel that way. How many times have you seen came across a beautiful girlfriend of your friend and desired the same? So back to the topic, you have the theme name then proceed to Google and search “theme name wordpress theme” so you should be able to see where your targeted blogger got his theme from. If it’s free! Then go ahead download and test it on your blog. If it’s paid then buy it if you have money. If not earn it and buy one. Additionally you may want to check best wordpress themes 2017.

So I hope you found this tutorial little helpful. Do you have any other way to peek in to a blog’s theme name? Feel free to use the comment section.

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