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One of the major reasons women suffer from miscarriages is because they end up not checking on their baby on a regular basis. Most women believe that because they are gaining weight their baby is healthy, however the truth is that there are a number of cases where women gain weight but the baby does not develop at all. If you happen to be pregnant then checking the cân nặng của thai nhi is something you should take seriously.

This helps you to check and see your baby and also tap the progress of the child in the womb. There are a number of issues that can be detected at an early stage when you get these ultrasound tests done. If you want to make sure that your baby is healthy and you want to avoid complications during your pregnancy then an ultrasound is something that you will benefit from a great deal. These can also help you see the progress of your baby and how well your baby is developing inside the womb.


When you are expecting your first child, there will be bound to be a lot of excitement. However in all of this excitement, you should not forget that you have a responsibility on your shoulders as well. With all of this excitement it is easy to overlook certain things such as your diet and the kind of lifestyle you live. The first thing that you should do is give up on bad habits such as smoking. Not only should you give this up, you should not allow anyone to smoke near you either. This will help keep you and the baby healthy. Once you have successfully done this, you need to alter the way you eat and include a lot of nutrient rich foods in your diet.

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