A Review on Freedom Debt Relief

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Freedom Debt Relief is a debt resolution company based in the US, it has earned its place in the top lists alongside other outstanding companies in the industry. People in need of the services of a debt relief company should definitely try out Freedom Debt Relief since they do offer free consultations and the reviews on Freedom Debt Relief are mostly positive. We’ll give you a general reviews on Freedom Debt Relief based on reviews from clients who have actually experienced their services.

Debt Relief paperwork

Freedom Debt Relief

Known for reducing up to 50{d74f41b5402e74e1cdba7de8504ea9e96c817a02eba222c9725b6f264ee1a50d} of debt and charging fees as low as 18{d74f41b5402e74e1cdba7de8504ea9e96c817a02eba222c9725b6f264ee1a50d}, Freedom Relief has earned a high rank in numerous lists. Another factor that helps attracts clients is the history and reputation that it built up over time. Debt relief programs that they implement involve a successful negotiation with creditors in order to reduce up to 50{d74f41b5402e74e1cdba7de8504ea9e96c817a02eba222c9725b6f264ee1a50d} of the amount before fees. Keep in mind that creditors are not typically open to negotiating or reducing the money you own, but you’re not actually required to pay anything unless a settlement was made official on at least one of your debts.

In order to qualify for their service, you need to have a minimum of $7,500 in debt; the debt can come from lines of credit, credit cards, medical bills, repossessions, unsecured loans and the like. Ideally, their time frame for just about any debt relief program they offer is 24 months to 48 months. The time frame heavily depends on the total amount of debt that you declared and how much you can afford to set aside every month into something they call the FDIC-insured trust account. All the money that you set aside goes to pay the fees charged by Freedom Debt Relief as your personal arbitrator negotiates the debt.

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