Booking a Bus Trip to Melaka

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It’s quite easy to book a bus to Melaka within the comforts of your home through The website is tied up with a handful of bus liners with varying schedules, so it’s highly likely that you’ll find the most convenient one for your travel. If you’re wondering how you can book a ticket then allow us to tell you.

Booking at EasyBook

The first thing you have to do is enter your point of origin, where you’re headed to and when you want to depart. A bunch of results will pop up and you get to choose the one you like, then you have to click on the desired seats. If you only need a one way ticket then at this point click continue, otherwise go to the ‘Go to Returning Trips’ for round trips. Next is to provide all the necessary information and double check all the details. For those of you, who have a discount code, enter it when prompted. Then you have to choose your preferred mode of payment and ‘pay now.’ By this time, the system will ask you to double check all the details of your purchase.

After checking everything, continue to the payment page and fill out all the required information in making the payment. Once payment has been successfully made, an Order Summary will be automatically sent to the email that you provided within the next 24 hours. During boarding time, you need to present your order summary, it will serve as your ticket. You have to choice of either printing the order summary or showing an electronic copy, both are accepted anyway. Also, please don’t forget your passports and the passport of your companions; it will serve as your identification and you;ll need it anyway since it’s highly likely that the bus will cross the border.

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