Ever Wondered what a Web Designer does?

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A web designer is a person who is great at technology but equally good as an artist. The field of web design requires one to also be creative as each website you create is both easy to use and attractive. A website must also be effective; this is to say that all the buttons must be responsive and interactive.

Many people do not recognize the importance of web design; however, it is popular among millennials as it is a fairly new industry. It gained popularity over the past decade as the internet and technology continued to be a vital part of everyone’s life.

Although relatively new, the demand for web designers has increased over the years this is especially so for Toronto web design as more and more people embrace the use of technology in social life, communication and as a source of information.

Web designers have the option to be freelancers who slowly build on their clientele and can work from home.

A web designer’s job is to design web pages. It may not be obvious to most, but a lot of work goes into designing and creating a webpage.

The user interface and the appearance are the most important considerations to a web designer. This is because, for a certain company the general theme of the web page should have some similarity to its logo.

Furthermore, the target audience must also be a governing factor. For example, a website aimed at children should have clear letters with simple words they can understand. Also some form animation and bright colours can be added to capture their attention. A website targeting senior citizens should have legible letters and an option for using their local language if it is not English.

Still, the web page must also be easily accessible to the average person.