Weekend Getaway At Genting

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Taking a weekend off from work is a must for people who are grinding the nine-to-five work. Things can get pretty stressful in the workplace and family members might take the brunt of one’s outburst from too much pressure. Going to a weekend getaway on a regular basis is highly encouraged.

But then again, a weekend getaway should be one that fits a two-day holiday. After all, most regular workers will only have the two days off. This would seem restrictive. But considering the fact that Kuala Lumpur is just an hour by Bus to Genting Highlands, the people here as well as the neighboring metropolis can conveniently travel to Genting Highlands for a fun-filled weekend.

What makes this tourist attraction so great is that there are so many places to go. It’s a large expanse that boasts different resorts, hotels, and theme parks. It’s definitely a place that can cater to the interest of the entire family.

Grown-ups can spend some time in the casino if they wish. The Casino de Genting presents their gaming area with a distinct flavor of local aesthetics. It wouldn’t feel like just another standard looking casino because of the attractive uniforms and distinctive Malaysian architecture and interior design.

Needless to say that casinos aren’t really what children would like to spend time in. The good news is that there are places that can be entertaining for the entire family, such as the Genting Highlands indoor theme park and snow world. These are but a few of the many timeless attractions that Genting can offer for the family.

Group of friends may opt to go for an exhilarating zip line ride at the Flying Fox. This particular zip line provides a unique experience of being so high above the ground, considering that Genting Highlands itself is already atop a high location.

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