Benefits Of Partitioning Your External Hard Drive

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Organize your external harddrive With Partitions. Not only does partitioning your hard drive make it easier to protect your files against data loss, it also makes backing up your data easier and more efficient. A full system backup can take hours and uses a great deal of your machine’s processing capabilities, as it is creating a second copy of the entire operating system and applications as well as saving your data. With a partitioned drive, you can easily specify the specific areas that should be saved in each backup, saving time and space.

Creating an emergency partition can also help you keep your computer out of the junk heap if something goes wrong. An emergency partition includes a minimally featured version of the operating system and diagnostic tools, which can help you (or a professional) pinpoint the problem and restore your machine.

To understand how partitions work, imagine a large office space, where everyone from the CEO to the mail clerk is trying to get their work done. While everyone from every department tries to stay in their specific area, as the company grows the room becomes more crowded and chaotic, making it difficult for everyone to get their job done. Now imagine the space floods, damaging everything. It will take weeks to clean up the mess. In the meantime, no one can get any work done. Consequentially, the company suffers a huge loss.

How to Partition

There are a number of software programs available that can help the average computer user successfully partition their drives and maximize their efficiency. However, novice computer users may feel more comfortable getting professional help— or at least the advice of a computer savvy friend or family member — to help them correctly partition their drives. Incorrect partitioning is one of the most common causes of data loss, and while that data can usually be recovered, losing data for even a short time is stressful.

If you are going to attempt partitioning on your own, make a full backup of your system before starting. That way, if something goes wrong, you can completely restore your computer’s hard drive. However, when done correctly, partitioning provides a little extra peace of mind and helps your machine operate as efficiently as possible.