What makes RimWorld a Unique Game?

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One of the most common aspects associated with gaming would most definitely have to be the fact that the more unique the game is, in terms of mechanics, characters, and gameplay, the more it would stand out in the world of games. If you’re on the lookout for games of this nature, which are a far cry from the mainstream games that we know, then one of the most popular ones would have to be Rimworld, with the existence of RimWorld Mods serving as a testament to the popularity of this game. Having said that, what makes this game so unique and so popular? Below is a more in-depth discussion of its key features.

Construction and Management Simulation

A lot of arcade games are all about taking on a challenge, defeating enemies, and all that, but not many of these games actually make construction and management simulation one which is a priority. RimWorld, however, is one of the few games that would enable you to do so. For this type of game, it’s not going to be about who is the strongest, and who get to kill a lot of other characters, but it’s about who’s the smartest and who comes up with the best decisions.

You Don’t Know What Happens Next

If you’re looking to be surprised, then RimWorld gives you opportunities for that to happen. This because basically, you don’t know what’s going to happen to you the next time you play, as events, which also depend on the AI story teller you choose, would still happen randomly, and is basically a mixed bag of good, neutral, and bad events which could either harm the existence of your colony, would help your colony grow and expand, or would simply make their lives more interesting while not contributing anything positive.