Modern Luxury Villa In Sol De Mallorca

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Staying in an amazing location like Sol de Mallorca should be partnered with a modern luxury villa. Sol de Mallorca is not lacking in available properties, but you may want to hire some advice and assistance from websites like

Modern and Stylish Villa

Unique Mallorca is a website that offers dozens of incredible real estate properties found in numerous locations and one of the featured villas is under serial number V-SOL-102. On the Island of Mallorca, the most alluring location is Calvia’s Portals Vells. The picturesque coast partnered with clear waters and fine sand beaches also offer amazing restaurants and bars that exclusively sell the best and freshest catch of the day; somewhere to relax and dine all in one location.

Apart from the scenery, Portals Vells hosts caves with rich history; the caves were actually created quite some time ago, maybe around the time that the prominent Cathedral of Palma was being constructed. The stones from where the stones of the Cathedral were founded on were actually obtained from the bay itself. All the stone extractions created the marvelous caves. Since they were made into attractions, anyone can go and venture into the caves, just choose from the 3 available entry points.

Port of Portals is located in the very heart of Palma’s bay which is only a stone’s throw way from the Portals Vells and all the amenities it features; they have bars, eateries, boutiques, shops and even jewelers. The villas that they offer there has a plot size of 3905 square meters and a build size of 427 square meters. Overall there are five bedrooms and five bathrooms alongside a private pool, fully equipped kitchen and a private garage. A location map on the website is available in case you want a quick look at the exact location of the villa.