How Are Domino Games Played?

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One of the most popular board games nowadays are all sorts of domino games. There are a lot of ways in which these chips are played, hence making them one of the best games to get if you want some entertainment. More than just stacking them in a line and knocking them over, there actually are several formal games, called layout games, wherein players would add tiles that match from their own hand to a layout on the table. Games like domino ceme, which can be played online, is popular as well. Here are some popular domino layout games you can play with your friends.

Basic Trains

This is the most basic and is usually played with either double-twelve or double-nine sets, with the number of tiles drawn by the player depending on how many they are, as well as the size of the set. If one player doesn’t get a double, reshuffling takes place. The end goal is for a player to empty their hands, and gets a score of 120 plus 5 per tile that’s still in their opponent’s hands.


This game could be played either by 2 players or 4, with the former being more common. This needs a set of double-six, where each player gets 7 tiles with the rest of the tiles unused. The players take turns in extending the tile on the table which is set by the first player, and the winner is determined by the pip count left on the loser’s hand. The player with the lower pop count wins the game.


This game is similar to the Sebastopol, but is played by a group of 4 to 10 members, and makes use of a double-nine set. It’s quite similar to a draw game, but a non-playing member doesn’t have to draw twice or more.