Clopay: America’s Favorite Doors

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without a doubt, one of the experts in this field is Clopay. Having said that, it has been so for the past 50 years, with them being the favourite garage door brand of America, which can be attributed to their focus to deliver true performance. What makes them stand out from all other garage doors manufacturers? Let’s find out below.

Built-to-Order Doors

Unlike other garage door makers that have all of these pre-made doors which they let you choose from, Clopay’s garage doors are all built to order, which means that it would always be the perfect match for what you need and for the design that is most appropriate for your taste. You can choose from a wide array of door panel types and options for insulation, with an R-Value Limit of 20.4. Clopay also allows you to choose the energy efficiency level which is best for where your garage is located, as well as the surrounding climate.

Sales are Nationwide

The great thing about Clopay is that it is trusted, not just in certain parts of America, but basically throughout the whole nation. This makes access to installation, service, and sales extremely easy, with professional dealers from Clopay found across the country.


Unlike other companies that, while offering customization keeps the prices high, with Clopay, you can customize your door all you want, and yet you can expect the prices to still remain competitive, and thus, more affordable compared to others.

Uses Modern Digital Design Tools

Gone are the days where garage doors would have to be drawn exclusively on pen and paper. With Clopay, you can expect our designs to be rendered digitally, which helps to increase the accuracy of our work while making test combinations one which is easier to do.