The Best All-In-One Beach Umbrella In The Market

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Beachgoers don’t usually appreciate quality beach umbrellas, until the one they have fails to stand properly, gets easily blown away or becomes quite the hassle altogether. You don’t need to spend a small fortune on the most expensive umbrella, instead go for the best beach umbrella today that fits the budget and the requirements. We’re sure that not everyone has the time to go through numerous beach umbrellas, so we’ll suggest one; none other than the beachBub Umbrella.

beachBub Umbrella

The sturdiness of the beachBub Umbrella was endorsed and recognized by the American Life Guard Association. This particular association’s main concern mainly involves the hazards of fly-away umbrellas, so for them the beachBub Umbrella has features that aid in preventing numerous injuries and save lives further down the road. The secret of the beachBub Umbrella’s benefits likely comes from the patented design of the base;beachBub Umbrella has a pyramid-shaped base. The company that designed and manufactured the beachBub Umbrella that it’s the sole umbrella that uses an anchor collar to attach the bottom pole to the top half. The base will be filled with sand to ensure that it’s securely anchored. When neatly folded, the base can be compared to the size of a book but once filled with sand it can way up to 120 pounds. Backed up by the results of testing, beachBub Umbrella could stand up even at winds as fast as 35 mph. Since it’s installed with thick fiber glass ribs, beachBub Umbrella doesn’t lose or break quickly.

Every purchase comes with the umbrella itself, the base, a carry bag and two rings, a wrench and shovel; one for the umbrella’s base and the other to hang various things on. A three-year replacement warranty or protection plan comes with the umbrella; that’s how much the manufacturer trusts the product.