Carl Freer And Tiger Telematics

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Carl Johan Freer, the Swedish-born, America-based Entrepreneur has been known for his achievements in the realm of business, primarily in terms of his business ventures that paved the way for new technology to be accessible and of good use to many. From artificial intelligence to video streaming, to gaming consoles, and even medical devices, he has found a way to both create and market these products effectively. This makes it no surprise to know that he has a net worth of over $4 Billion in US Dollars. One of his first business ventures is Tiger Telematics, and here is a look at how this company has progressed with him.

Early Beginnings

Tiger Electronics was one of the first electronic companies Carl Freer has managed to launch, way back in 2002. Despite having operated for just 6 years after being dissolved in 2006, it has managed to attain a market cap reaching $1 Billion, and £160 million in terms of profit. Despite these high figures, however, it became bankrupt the same year that it was dissolved. While it began in 2002, operations for a smaller electronics distribution business, the Eagle Eye Scandinavian, started in 2000, and after merging with Floor Décor, became the Tiger Electronics known nowadays.

The Gizmodo

The said electronics company is highly known for its Gizmodo device, a console that, unfortunately, ended up failing. It was a hand-held gaming console, and was planning to pit itself against gaming console giants Nintendo and Sony, with the UK being the initial market. The structure of the Gizmodo looked just like a Gameboy, and it was eventually released in the US in 2005. The failure of this console eventually caused the failure of Tiger Electronics, despite the extravagant spending for its launching and for the other ventures of the company.