#1. Feast for 5 Days a Week and Fast for 2 to Lose Weight, Boost Your Brain and Transform Your Health


This is a book that was written to ensure that people eat a perfect diet to lose weight. It features some contemporary diet styles of all cultures to ensure that people from all corners of the world use it and obtain the perfect weight they deserve. It was written by Kate Harrison who is a professor of health and fitness and she used her knowledge to come up with this fantastic book that people can use to bring the desired the weight.

#2. Joseph Christiano’s Bloodtype Diet, Type AB


This is a book that is extraordinary because it went an extra mile to provide more specific ways to lose weight in respect to the blood groups of people. It tries to find solutions to different people who are looking forward to achieve a certain optimum weight in relation to their blood groups and genes. The book contains all the diet types, workouts and how to live in order to get the perfect weight. It was written after extensive research was done and results obtained therefore it has all the best ways to ensure that people get their weight of choice within the perfect time required. Just get your copy and you will have its sentiments.

#3. The Fast Diet – Revised & Updated



It was written by Dr. Michael Mosley. He is a medical Doctor and nutritionist who understands how the body functions and works. He therefore has the knowledge to draft all the body mechanisms in relation to nutrition and present powerful measures to get perfect health. The book contains major diet types to get your weight within the normal limits for you to live a happy life.

#4. Rolo Kint Diet


This was a book that was written to provide a thirty day diet that can make people to reduce weight quickly. It has medical information as well as fitness information that can make people to lose weight quickly. It is the best book so far that people has given it the best reviews.